Is your organisation mentoring-ready?

stéphanie mitrano mentorat
stéphanie mitrano mentorat Implementing mentoring

In September 2019, I started an experimental mentoring programme for the women of Pôle emploi, the French unemployment agency. To communicate about the programme internally and attract participants (mentors and mentees), we created, with Véronique Chapelain (Director of Executive Talents Development) a webinar (in French) of which I can share a few extracts. In these first two videos, I’m sharing some essential elements about the “right” reasons, strategies and mindset for you to check if your organisation is mentoring-ready.

How mentoring can be a vehicle of feminine values in your cultural transformation:

On the importance of finding meaning and purpose in your mentoring programme:

More to come about being mentoring-ready, what mentoring is and is not, and other elements about launching a pilot programme. Stay tuned.

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