🟢 LinkedIn new AI feature is mapping the future of social media

🟢 LinkedIn new AI feature is mapping the future of social media
Photo by Eric Krull / Unsplash

This week, I want to share something that surprised me –or should I say even me– regarding the pace at which AI gets embedded in different aspects of our lives.

As my only remaining social network is now LinkedIn, I spend about an hour every day on the site to post news, discuss ideas with contacts, and, well, work. This morning, I had the surprise of being kindly invited by LinkedIn's algorithm to cheerfully contribute to an article as a "top expert in the field."

No doubt that a few hundred, if not thousands, of such top experts were being invited at the same time to earn the privilege of getting "featured."

All right, but what does it mean, and how is it such big news in the digital platforms market?

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