My keynote for Tech Summit Amsterdam

My keynote for Tech Summit Amsterdam

I'll present a keynote at Tech Summit Amsterdam tomorrow (March 28). The title is '5 Practical Steps To Ensure Your Corporate Innovation Program Is Not Killed After 18 Months' (yes, that's a mouthful). I'll explain how to get your corporate incubation program from "innovation theatre" back on the ROI track within a few weeks. No vague injunctions or fuzzy motivational speech. Just practical and very actionable steps.

If I don't see you there, here are the slides:

And I'll post a detailed explanation of the five steps in this week's newsletter.

As I was a bit in a jam to prepare this keynote, I opted out of using Keynote and spent half of the time tweaking every font and picture to make it just so (yes, I'm obsessive). Instead, I tried IA Presenter, which is just a plain markdown/text editor that makes the slides for you. That was... interesting, and I'm quite happy with the output.

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