You know I'm monitoring quite a few weak signals in various markets. If I'm not a prospectivist, futurist, or even a trend analyst, it's something I trained into a long time ago as it allows me to feel out for long-term changes in a sector. And today, we'll discuss something brewing on the horizon that might start to upend iPhone market supremacy and beyond that, what are the mechanisms at play that you should understand about disruptions.

Weak signals and disruptions

To be more precise, I don't get about seeing things before everyone else or being right about a given weak signal becoming a real thing. It's, in my opinion, a futile endeavor as no one can really anticipate where disruptions will come from early on, and maybe more importantly, disruptions never come from a single new thing arriving on the far horizon.

It's always a conjunction of things, signals, and early techs, ending up aligning together, that will reconfigure in an unexpected disruption. In that regard, the usual "7 Laws of Disruptions" I usually share with our customers are as follows: