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🔴 Interview – A Transformation Executive Leveraging Complexity Intelligence at Atos (Part 1)

🔴  Interview – A Transformation Executive Leveraging Complexity Intelligence at Atos (Part 1)
Photo by Jakub Dziubak / Unsplash

For this second transformation leader interview, I met with Lucas den Boer, currently Business Transformation Executive (C-level consultant) at Atos Benelux HQ in Amstelveen just South of Amsterdam. After a short tour through their atrium cafeteria and innovation rooms where they receive their clients for demo, we sat for an hour to discuss his various experiences of large scale transformations.

Throughout the interview, what struck me from this 51 year old man, is that he can clearly express his vision, he has a balanced view on transformation, a good heart, an open mind and a sensitivity for people issues, whilst keeping a strong focus on business. This I call “complexity intelligence”. Through the different experiences he shared, I could confirm this was not all just nice talk, Lucas has a strong sense of purpose and service, especially demonstrated by his involvement in non-profit organisations and projects.

In his 20’s, Lucas den Boer worked at KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines. He was a keen learner and wanted to know as much as possible about the organisation, technology, the aviation business, processes, also the people’s behaviours. As he puts it: “…it was mainly learning, learning, learning.” It is then in his 30’s when he worked at Cap Gemini and Transavia that he decided that he wanted to have more influence and solve bigger, more complex problems so he started to lead transformations such as the rebranding of Transavia following a merger.

And when he turned 40, he decided it was time to give back and he got involved in the non-profit sector, whilst still keeping his business engagements in a transformation leader role at Atos.

This article is my take on our discussion about successful transformations, the role of transformation leaders and the challenges large organisations face through these changes, illustrated with his pieces of wisdom and business transformation stories.

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