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🔴 Interview – A Community Builder Playing the Long Game at BNP Paribas

Sophie Delmas
Sophie Delmas

In this fourth interview of transformation leader, I was delighted to meet Sophie Delmas, head of partnerships at l’Atelier BNP Paribas. L’Atelier is dedicated to prospective and market intelligence, working mainly as internal consultant for the bank. They sell their advice internally, and Sophie’s role is to define the needs and help promote the Atelier’s know-hows. Sophie also co-founded with Orange the “Observatoire des réseaux sociaux d’entreprises”, dedicated to sharing about Digital Transformation and Innovation between CAC 40 companies. It appeared very clearly from my exchanges with her that she strongly believed in the power of networks and collaboration.

Why business partnership, because we are in increasingly open and porous environments and we cannot work alone, so it is key to value a whole network of internal and external connections in order to transform ideas into businesses by accompanying projects.

Sophie has had a very atypical career: starting as an engineer in construction then moved  to code, sales and progressively evolved towards marketing in consulting industry. She entered BNP Paribas in 2001, and got various positions in the company since: from internet subjects, online banking, and implementing the first collaborative platform for the group. She also worked with HR on corporate social network, digital acculturation, and change programme in the digital transformation of the group.

From construction engineer to digital subjects it’s awesome.

What struck me was that despite a technical background Sophie not only shows great understanding but also deeply values the cultural aspects of business. She’s a people person with a pragmatic approach to transformation.  In this interview, I’m highlighting three key points of Sophie’s perspective and experience of transformation: do not get carried away by the fancy trends, build supportive communities and play the long game.

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