Most businesses are feeling the current impact of the Covid-19 crisis as a sales and cash-flow problem. It’s more than fair. Yet, there is an underlying impact that is probably misunderstood or not fully anticipated. You see, in normal times, there is a kind of thermodynamic equilibrium to innovation vs. business as usual. It might be very formally described and controlled if you’re a tech company, or it might be gut feeling and cost management if you’re a retailer.

But in normal times, innovation is not the objective of any business.

Making profits is.

This has changed a few weeks ago.

Market dynamics have changed, value chains will reconfigure, consumers will have significantly less purchasing power, and societies will come out of the crisis in ways that are somewhat difficult to foresee. For the next 2-3 years ahead of us, innovation will be the new business as usual.

Are you prepared?

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