Tech for Good?

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My 40 min “fireside chat” video on what does “tech for good” means for Europe, at BlendWebLix in Lyon (in French).

If you follow me, you know I was in Lyon (France) last month to be the master of ceremony at BlendWebMix. During two days, the idea of “Tech for Good” was discussed and debated by tech people, designers and businesses.

With the strategic help of the organizing team I managed to escape the main venue for about 40 min At the end of the second day, to give my hot take on what has been discussed.

The result is this video.

I end up talking a lot about digital sovereignty in Europe, because I believe it will be the HOT topic for 2020.

And yes, it’s in French (I had no choice, sorry about that ^_^).

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Philippe Méda

Philippe Méda

Philippe has been training about 200 startups a year since 2007, consulted for dozens of multinationals on rupture innovation or corporate incubation. He also teaches innovation in key MBA programs in Paris and Shanghai.