◼️ Innovation Micro-interview #2 - François CAPEL, Lausanne

A series of micro-interviews with people we work with. Partners in crime, current or former customers, all have a unique view on innovation and the current zeitgeist. Five questions on innovation, short answers. We might agree, we might disagree. No context, no comments.

◼️ Innovation Micro-interview #2 - François CAPEL, Lausanne
François Capel
François CAPEL, Lausanne / Technology & Innovation Leader Merck Group, Pangea X coach and facilitator, intrapreneur and podcast creator.

1. How do you define innovation, and why is it important for you (personally, not for your professional activity)?

Innovation for me is turning an idea into an invoice (meaning it creates value for someone as he/she wants to engage with the solution). It is important because I see this as one big pillar for human progress (the other one being Science).

2. If we only consider “digital” what’s the biggest impact you witnessed directly these last years (remote working notwithstanding)?

A big impact for me is that it is now a topic! Corporate keeps on talking about digital transformation everywhere and even becomes an objective for some of them.

3. What’s currently the hottest topic in your field that you believe might have a chance to really be transformative?

The use of AI support to design new solutions. Many small companies are leveraging this tool in different ways that could disrupt internal competencies using the old way of doing it.

4. In contrast, what's the most over-hyped topic and why?

Overhyped for me is XR (augmented/assisted/virtual/mixed... reality). Whereas use cases are there, adoption is not because the value created is not big vs. investment/frequency of need and behavior change that involves wearing a device... on the face!

5. What is the most surprising weak signal you have direct knowledge of that we all should be paying more attention to?

I may be wrong on that one: whereas we see the crypto world as being overall a failure as an alternative to currencies, I feel the use of ICO as a quick way to raise funds is on the rise?

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