If you still need to understand what a platform is, look no further than Tesla's announcement regarding its supercharger network. Other automakers recently licensed the use for it. Tesla is slowing its deployment.

Tesla Axes Most of Supercharger Team in Blow to Other Automakers
Tesla Inc. eliminated almost its entire Supercharger organization, which has built a vast network of public charging stations that virtually every major automaker is in the process of tapping into in the US.

Is it about cutting costs amidst flailing EV sales? Yes, to some degree. It’s also about slowing down US and EU competitors, which won’t be able to oversell Musk’s company without enough charging infrastructure.

Textbook platform power move.

The one who owns the rails regulates the traffic. This won’t save Tesla from Musk being unfocused on its business and trying to sell the moon again to investors, but this will buy some time.

[ EDIT / May 3, 2024 ] - In correction to my article, it may also be possible that Musk has just gone stupid...

Tesla’s Supercharger layoffs couldn’t have come at a worse time
Tesla “ultra-hardcore” cuts stall EV charging projects.
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