🇨🇳 Video games are the new soft power

🇨🇳  Video games are the new soft power
Photo by Ben Neale / Unsplash

Among the numerous signals China provides about becoming a global leader, it’s not only about space exploration, electric cars, and digital platforms. The video games industry and especially “AAA Games” (the equivalent of your blockbuster Hollywood production in this market) should be on your radar.

Video games are certainly still one of the most undervalued soft power tools global powers are waving. With a bit less than $160Bn revenues worldwide (half of it on mobile –but that’s a story for another time), this industry is head and shoulders above movies (about $50Bn) or music (a pesky $16Bn).

The rise of prestige Chinese games
New wave of games from China mimics, sometimes exceeds, high production of Western AAA games

If you’re looking at 2030 and want to become a socio-cultural influencers heavyweight, maybe the answer is not George Clooney but Sun Wukong, the Monkey King.

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