Recently, there have been some discreet shifts in the world of entrepreneurship around what is called Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition or ETA. In stark contrast to the traditional startup narrative that's dominated our thinking for so long, where young entrepreneurs would invent a new product, launch it by moving fast and breaking things, and then try to find scalability before becoming billionaires (as one does)... ETA is about buying an existing company and trying to unlock its growth potential.

And while after years of bewilderment, most European business and engineering schools now have a dedicated entrepreneurship track (as in "startup entrepreneurship"), some U.S. business schools are starting to shift gears and focus more and more on ETAs. Several prestigious institutions like Standford Business School have also expanded their ETA programs. ETA clubs, conferences, and networking events are now fixtures on campuses nationwide, providing a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from those who've trodden this path.