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🟒 Does business research matter?

In a world shaken by so many struggles, we're starting today a short series questioning the logic and practices of business schools, academia, and executive education.
🟒 Does business research matter?
Photo by Laura Chouette / Unsplash

Having been involved in teaching regularly in different business schools and universities since about 2009, the question of the impact of business research has always been quite fascinating to me. As a former researcher in cellular biology, who shifted to growth business' management before diving full-on into innovation consulting, this question is quite fascinating – and yes, don't fret, I'll as the question 'Does innovation consulting matter?' soon.

Like many of you, I'm pretty critical of the general picture of business research, for this is a very bleak picture. I mean, the simple test you can perform is to ask any level-C executive in a major industry, or worse, any successful startup CEO, what was the most influential piece of business research for her. The answer is usually a blank stare or a good laugh.

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