For those of you, my readers, who are innovation actors in long-cycle markets, corseted by heavy regulations, strained by massive capital investment and precarious R&D projects, the way the defense market might be reinvented as we speak is a fantastic template to organize your own disruption. And the template might just be mapped out by Anduril Industries, a U.S. defense contractor launched only six years ago and specialized in autonomous systems.

Anduril's CEO is somehow an eccentric figure, with a previous business life as the father of the Oculus Rift VR system before it was acquired by Facebook (Meta). But if anything, he does understand modern software platforms.

One of Anduril's flagship autonomous defense systems.

Without diving too deeply into the defense market in itself and the adventures of Anduril, what you should consider if you're in a defense market yourself or in healthcare, large business applications, energy, or automotive is what follows.