🧬 Digital? It's not only pizza-delivery!

🧬 Digital? It's not only pizza-delivery!
Photo by niloy tesla / Unsplash

Most of the tech and digital news this year have been rather depressing if you ask me. Between Andreessen Horowitz l̶o̶s̶i̶n̶g̶ investing upward of $350 million in the new Adam Neumann s̶c̶a̶m̶ startup, or Marc Zuckerberg gambling the future of Meta on us wearing cumbersome 3D helmets, the little world of digital tech seems utterly out of touch with our world's problems.

But this Friday, I'd suggest we get some fresh air and a dose of solid optimism about what digital can achieve.

How? By remembering that artificial intelligence cracked this year one of the most complex problem of modern biology: predicting the structure of 98.5% of the proteins known to science in just 18 months.

And if you missed this huge news or wonder why it's so amazing, well, let me introduce the amazing Sabine Hossenfelder, science popularizer extraordinaire:

You might ask, how DeepMind is going to monetize this incredible breakthrough and how are they going to milk it until the end of time? Glad you ask. The company is publishing the structures of these more than 200 million proteins on the open repository of protein research UniProt.

Have a great week-end 😎