Even without considering my deep love for Larry David, you have to admit that this is the best encapsulation of where Apple's efforts on making AI accessible on iPhones are at:

As I was pointing out this week, the zeitgeist is not kind for incumbents GAFAM missing the AI train:

AI is becoming an acid test for the GAFAMs
Are we still calling the top U.S. tech companies GAFAM? Is it magnificent seven now? I don’t know or really care, to be honest. The term GAFAM is, in any case, transitioning to describe the old guard of digital giants, the ones that established dominance in the post-internet bubble.

And obviously:

Why is Siri still so dumb?
As most of you have probably been using ChatGPT for a while now, you have become accustomed to giving very elaborate commands to this tool. In contrast, you probably couldn’t avoid being stupefied by how much Siri or Alexa are still limited. Relatively simple commands involving two or more steps
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