While I’m on a semi-summer break I wanted to answer a request I often have (not only from my MBA students but very often from my corporate customers too): “Philippe, what kind of books would you recommended to boost our innovation mindset?”. Glad you asked! Here are five of the most recent ones I read, and why you might find them interesting:

1. Subtract

“The Untapped Science of Less” is a perfect entry point to change your innovation mindset.

For a lot of human history, we’ve been surrounded by a world that can mostly be improved by adding stuff… where adding was really the dominant way to make things better. This idea that we systematically overlook subtraction as a way to make things better is really problematic.


Engineers entering the field of entrepreneurship and execs driving innovation projects are all under the same curse. They want to build and create and add to the world. Effective innovation is so often viewed through the lens of adding features. But what if adding value for our customers required that we do less? Not just do less for the sake of just doing so, but for the sake of surgically removing clutter, redundancies, and inefficiencies? Haven’t we learned something from the success of the Google search box? When designers end up thinking about reducing to the max in a very natural way, the rest of us absolutely struggle to really get there — cue in your usual Dieter Braun quote.

If you know my hardcore dedication to focusing on added value and the removal of everything else (as much as possible), then you’ll understand why I really appreciated its book. This is a key to boost your innovation mindset!