Back in December 2020, I recorded an interview with Ana who shares empowering stories on her youtube channel. Here is the full video where you can see me share about being authentic at work, and of course emotions with some tips about how to handle them in the workplace. Below are some time codes if you wish to jump to specific subjects.

1:52 – Revealing your authentic feminine leadership in a picture (Cristina Stoian Photography, Ingun Bol & Female Wave Of Change)

3:50 – Can you be your authentic self at work?

8:16 – How can we change our work environment so that we can express ourselves authentically at work?

10:36 – Using anger to change the world.

14:33 – Women haven’t learned how to express anger.

18:30 – Understanding the purpose of anger.

20:40 – How do you want to show up when you are angry?

24:00 – Befriend your emotions, start a dialogue with your fear.

27:50 – Fear can take you through very dark scenarios.

34:55 – Being empowered by your emotions.

36:10 – Changing corporate cultures.

37:55 – Impact of corona crisis on corporate cultures.

39:30 – The cost of hiding behind a mask.

41:00 – Sharing authentically.

43:00 – Don’t take yourself too seriously (and see my wings ;o)

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