🟢 Apple discretely unveils Apple cars; not the Apple Car

After yesterday Apple's WWDC 2022 annual keynote, it's difficult to zoom out from the myriad of software tweaks and products announcement (only a new Mac, really). Let's deep dive into what might have been discretely unveiled. Apple cars.

🟢 Apple discretely unveils Apple cars; not the Apple Car
Image: Apple, 2022.

Apple presented its online WWDC 2022 event yesterday, announcing what will be the future software and hardware releases for this year. Despite many expectations and "leaks," still no glasses (same story as in 2021). This is a "nothing exciting but so many important things" situation which journalists will hate.

I could go into many discussions about how Apple has leveraged the pandemic to push forward on collaboration and remote work, but that will be for another time. What is more important is that they quietly unveiled Apple cars.

Let me explain in Apple's voice what their keynote could have been...

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