🟢 An optimistic take on how AI could help laggards leapfrog ahead

🟢 An optimistic take on how AI could help laggards leapfrog ahead
Photo by Ray Hennessy / Unsplash
Trigger warning. This might be an optimistic view of technology. If you feel uncomfortable reading such a shocking take on AI coming from me, feel free to skip this article. (What is wrong with me?)

I trust we don't have to overthink the top ten sectors that haven't caught up with the recent waves of innovation and are blatantly lagging behind. Whether they're struggling with rapid technological evolutions, hard turn-arounds from customer demand, or both, we would have agriculture, construction, retail, textile and apparel, automotive (duh!), utilities, transportation and logistics, airlines, healthcare, and public services. I might be missing a few, and we could argue about who's lagging the most, but you get my point.

With that, I'm starting to think that despite all the hype, they might indeed find extraordinary benefits from the recent unlock of large language model technology. What is now colloquially known as "AI."

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