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🟒 Is Amazon Healthcare inevitable in Europe? (Yes)

With the acquisition of One Medical, Amazon might become one of the most powerful American healthcare providers. While it might finally fix some of the U.S. life expectancy steady decline, Europe should realize that Amazon barging into our medical system is also inevitable (it already started).
🟒 Is Amazon Healthcare inevitable in Europe? (Yes)
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The foray of Amazon into healthcare is not recent. It's mostly seen as an enormously worrying move from our European perspective, with a fair lack of culture regarding the U.S market.

First, let's state what should be obvious: Amazon, just like Apple, Microsoft, and Google WILL enter the healthcare market. The reason? It's one of the largest U.S. domestic markets after defense (in which some are already discrete actors), and it's probably one of the most economically inefficient markets on the planet. Β 

The sad state of American healthcare

A few numbers to understand:

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