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Alibaba, the Retail Operating System

Alibaba, the Retail Operating System
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

Even more aggressively than Amazon, Alibaba positions itself from an e-commerce platform to a full-fledged retail operating system.

This is not so much about the shiny tech toys embedded in flagship automated stores but absorbing every mom and pop store by a fully integrated OS. This paints a future where the smallest corner shop will have to be connected to Alibaba or not be relevant anymore for its closest consumers. This will also build in just a few years a tremendous amount of real-time data on what people need, from groceries to drugs or cars in every part of any given.

Such a strategy (as I already pointed out this summer) also allows building a new form of added value. It may be by allowing you to try a new car without an appointment, extending your delivery options, and accessing localized offers.

I remember fondly in the 90s when Zara was the most modern example in the retail of integrating in-store data to manufacturing and supply chain. They were riding horses. Alibaba has invented the car.