The newsletter today is about something different.

I've recently been involved with several tech entrepreneurs wanting to reposition and improve their existing businesses. Not the usual large corporation with complex (and political) issues to deal with, nor the early-stage startup that still has to make sense of everything rapidly. But rather, small to medium businesses with a solid footprint in the market and yet, at a plateau, or at least started to understand they could perform better.

Doing this, I wondered if I could "package" an efficient step-by-step that would address 80% of the issues I've been working on with these customers. And to do that, I would usually build a program on our web school with videos and all the usual content that goes with it.

Last week, though, I came up with another idea.

Why not try another format?

The newsletter.

The idea would be to add a premium tier for a few paying subscribers and run an eight weeks 'limited edition' newsletter for them. Each week we'll address a critical step of reviewing a business with a tool, a how-to, and a few things to do (around 3-4 hours of weekly work). After these two months, you would have had an efficient 360° check on all of your options and clear improvement tracks with practical testing of a few options.

Oh, and let's not forget we would also have a collective session online at the end of the program with all the participants to share what's been done, what worked, and what each of you could learn from the others.

I would position the program at €350 and run it from September to the end of October this year.

I'm honestly not running after extra revenues at this point, but I care about your commitment. The few hours of work each week will be about testing things! Commitment. Will. Be. Required. And that's where the Freudian thing about money kicks in 😎

Half of my interest in this format is that I'm curious about your interest and feedback. Although I know precisely what we would be working on and the sequence of the program, I'm very curious to have your opinion. And I'm not going to BS you with an early bird incentive, a "limited number of participants," or anything else.

Just straight-up questions for now.

  • Would you be interested?
  • Would working on this be useful to you?
  • What would be the major pains to address?
  • Would you have the time to commit to this format of work?
  • Do you think I should target another type of business? Activity?

If so, send me an email directly at or directly on Linkedin.

Let's talk.

Next week, we'll be back to our usual format, and I'll share in preview a few insights from a conference in July I'll be running for the startups of a VC fund. We'll talk about business culture and its impact on your strategy.
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