In 2019, I was having a 'fire chat" discussion as I was the host of the tech conference Blend Web Mix in Lyon (France) to debrief many of the topics that were addressed on stage for two days. And I know it's kind of old news.

But I wanted to share it again for two reasons.

The first reason is technical. I'm trying a new service that automates dubbing on text and videos, allowing an English voice-over (the conference and attendees were mainly French). I feel it's not 100% smooth enough, and certainly not at the level of Apple recently automating voice-over on books. But still, it works, and I wonder what you'd think of it.

The second reason is that many of the topics I addressed at the time, in light of a post-Covid world and the current tech depression on U.S. values, are worth a re-listen.

Here it is:

The link has been copied!