In just a few days, we'll know if Apple mixed reality goggles is a dead or live Shrödinger's cat. My bet consistently was against such a launch as there is no content nor problem to solve, and Apple never enters a market first. Or when they did, it was a bust until they returned to this market years later with a blockbuster.  

Yesterday, though, I started to doubt.

One weak signal: Hello Games' founder, who has been working for years on a space exploration game called No Man's Sky, teased he would present something at the  WWDC23 on June 6.  

And No Man's Sky already has a VR version published in 2019 but nothing for Mac yet...

This game is the quintessential style of cute games that could work both for adults and kids, and that does have the perfect type of graphic design to be impressive in VR while not draining an unreasonable amount of graphic processing; I can perfectly see Apple using it as a flagship VR content.

Still, Microsoft is out of VR for the foreseeable future; Meta is in vaporware mode, and Sony is not really investing much effort in making the PS5 a VR workhorse... We'll see where this goes.

I'm afraid we will see Apple shoot itself in the foot.

EDIT: I'm not the only one that has picked up on this...

Matt Birchler on Apple and Gaming
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And yet...

I'm sure Apple's hardware will make the VR experience solid, but I do think it's worth saying out loud that the VR platforms that seem to be struggling already have this and it hasn't moved the needle for them. - Matt Birchler
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