Stéphanie MITRANO, Cultural Copilot

Specialist in Executive Coaching and Entrepreneurial Mentoring, insightful and open-minded, Stéphanie accompanies organisations in their cultural transformation to support innovation. She has coached entrepreneurs and senior executives of multinationals such as BP, Virgin Atlantic and Accenture in London for over 10 years. She has worked on the engineering of High Potential and “intrapreneurial” mentoring programmes (SAP Brazil, Groupe Caisse … Continue reading Stéphanie MITRANO, Cultural Copilot

HR and Innovation from Expectra’s interview

At the end of last year, Expectra interviewed me to include my expert opinion about HR and innovation in their monthly debate. They asked the question “Innovation in the business: Do HR have to be involved?” And of course, I said “no”. Here’s the translation of the whole debate starting with Isaac Getz (professor at ESCP Europe) … Continue reading HR and Innovation from Expectra’s interview

Intrapreneurship Conference in Barcelona

I’ve already indicated that I will be a speaker at the BLEND Conference in Lyon, october 1 and 2. Let me also signal the INTRAPRENEURSHIP Conference in Barcelona, december 12 and 13, organized by Barcelona Activa and Global Entreprise. During this event Stéphanie and myself will both present a keynote and a workshop.

Le biais du survivant dans la création d’entreprise

Le biais du survivant fait parti de ces phénomènes psychologiques simples à expliquer et bien connus de tous, mais auxquels nous continuons à nous soumettre, avec la constance opiniâtre du lemming suivant son congénère par delà le bord d’une falaise.

Le mentoring dans la presse

Le mois dernier L/ONTOP (le magazine du “succès au féminin”) publiait un dossier spécial mentoring dans lequel plusieurs coachs dont je faisais partie, des mentors et mentees de grands groupes (GDF Suez, Areva, Deloitte, Danone et Sodexo) ont été interviewés.

Our next set of tools reconnecting corporate culture framework and business model

I won’t develop fully the tools and how to use them in this article. It’s all about giving a first tour of the concepts and how simple they are. The first illustration is how powerful CUSTOMER-driven companies (Amazon) connect their culture, leading with strategic empathy to identify emerging problems to invest in, and finally select differentiated … Continue reading Our next set of tools reconnecting corporate culture framework and business model

Can iPhones have a soul?

I’ve had a long-lasting reflection on luxury and technology. This very slippery subject is somehow fascinating because we instinctively understand why an Android tablet is anything but luxury; it’s not so easy to pin point why Apple couldn’t get there.