Philippe MÉDA, Business Architect

After obtaining a PhD in medical biotechnologies and working in a diagnostic startup, Philippe Méda has managed teams and companies in the pharmaceutical industries for over ten years. Following an MBA in 2007, Philippe founded his consulting agency in charge of copiloting innovation for startups and large multinationals across Europe and Asia. Since then, he … Continue reading “Philippe MÉDA, Business Architect”

The 10,000 People Startup

I’ll be in Shanghai next week and Jia Tong University in partnership with Kedge Business School asked me to give a keynote on one of the topics we work on as consultants. This will probably be a small thing with around 20 persons, but if you want to attend you’re most welcome : )

Entretien avec Nicolas Nova sur les différents modèles d’innovation

En fin d’année dernière, Nicolas NOVA m’avait interviewé sur “Les enjeux des différents modèles d’innovation”. Cet entretien était réalisé dans le cadre  des travaux de la direction de Prospective et du Dialogue Public de la Métropole de Lyon sur les modèles d’innovation. Vous trouverez l’article dans sa publication originale ici et des points complémentaires plus bas. 

Intrapreneurship Conference in Barcelona

I’ve already indicated that I will be a speaker at the BLEND Conference in Lyon, october 1 and 2. Let me also signal the INTRAPRENEURSHIP Conference in Barcelona, december 12 and 13, organized by Barcelona Activa and Global Entreprise. During this event Stéphanie and myself will both present a keynote and a workshop.