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Business Model Canvas for Innovators

I’ve been sharing for many years our own business model canvas that we’ve been using with a wide range of customers (from startups to multinationals) in many industries. If you ever been frustrated with the generic business model canvas and were not really able to activate it and gets real life results with it, well, there is a reason. And you might want to check this.

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On new mobility business models

When we arrived in the Netherlands two years ago, we adjusted our mode of life immediately. The key thing was to get rid of our cars. Who needs one if you live in Amsterdam? But this mobility paradise didn’t happen just because « Dutch love bikes ». There were actually many factors that were involved […]

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Our next set of tools reconnecting corporate culture framework and business model

I won’t develop fully the tools and how to use them in this article. It’s all about giving a first tour of the concepts and how simple they are. The first illustration is how powerful CUSTOMER-driven companies (Amazon) connect their culture, leading with strategic empathy to identify emerging problems to invest in, and finally select differentiated […]

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De old school à pure player : remixer son business model

J’interviens demain à Lyon lors de la conférence Blend sur le sujet en titre. Le pitch global de la présentation est le suivant :

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Stop pitching long tail business models

The long tail concept as it was introduced by Jeff BEZOS a few years ago with Amazon (and further explained by Chris ANDERSON), has destroyed what was the common sense approach of running a commerce. Before Amazon was a success, the common sense dictated that the Pareto rule was enforced: 20% of the products will […]