Cultural Transformation – Communities Over Tools

During the past few years, whether discussing mentoring programmes or cultural transformation with large corporations, I am faced with a disproportionate belief in “tools”. I think I need to clarify that it is not because as consultants we use tools that we sell tools. A keynote from Frédérique PAIN I organized recently for one of our … Continue reading “Cultural Transformation – Communities Over Tools”

Interview – A Transformation Executive Leveraging Complexity Intelligence At Atos (Part 2)

Last week, I shared the first part of Lucas den Boer’s rich interview. Here is part two where you will continue to read how he is using complexity intelligence skills such as strategic empathy, reconfigurable mindset and purposeful self-confidence to lead large scale business transformations at Atos, but also to drive social movements and not-for-profit … Continue reading “Interview – A Transformation Executive Leveraging Complexity Intelligence At Atos (Part 2)”

Interview – A digital intrapreneur breaking silos at Airbus

For this first in the series of interviews of Transformation Leaders, I interviewed, at Airbus’ Leadership University, Laurent Fradin, Digital Transformation Leader, from the newly created Digital Transformation Office at Airbus. “[We got the] digital wave in our face… [let’s] surf the wave…” He calls himself a “communication guy” and has been a digital pioneer … Continue reading “Interview – A digital intrapreneur breaking silos at Airbus”

Inside Apple – Adam Lashinsky

Si vous ne devez lire qu’un seul ouvrage sur Apple, la façon dont cette entreprise incroyable fonctionne aujourd’hui, comment elle a dépassé Microsoft en valorisation boursière, pourquoi c’est à la fois une colossale startup ET un mammouth figé… Il vous reste à lire l’excellent livre de Adam Lashinsky.