Last year was a long year with many new projects to start, new customers to engage and work trips to China, Japan, the US and six different EU countries. You might think that such period are the worst to be writing on innovation and you be both wrong and totally right. Such level of activity actually puts your brain in hyper vigilance mode. You see ideas and potential articles in everything… But then you’re exhausted and can’t write enough to catch up with all the potential ideas.

Nonetheless if I try to clear up my 2017 notes, I would retain twenty articles I really wish I had written:

  1. How Nespresso lost sight of why it became an innovative company and now is just running in circles.
  2. The end of the startup craze is near and how could the industry learn from it before jumping in the next hype train.
  3. How to benchmark your corporate incubator.
  4. What if startups could admit they’re not going to be the next Google?
  5. Understanding why most innovation ecosystems suck because they don’t adjust to survivor bias.
  6. Ten reasons why you should attend the CES Las Vegas (because it’s really a stupid idea to start with) — too bad I missed the date on this one : )
  7. Uber is on a N-curve and AirbNb on a S-curve, why it matters.
  8. Boosting your understanding of innovation by seeing the future as a tetralemma, not a dilemma.
  9. Why investors are going back to deep tech after years of trying to get quick wins emulating Y Combinator.
  10. Ten ways to really ‘think like a startup’ when you’re a multinational.
  11. The digital revolution is over, trying to catch up is irrelevant now, your only way is to jumpfrog to the next phase.
  12. Why Gartner is never predicting a drop in any future tech market and why you should be more worried.
  13. Innovation is never a pipeline, it’s a fractal pattern… then sometimes it stops.
  14. Innovators have a point of view, they don’t bring better ‘anything’.
  15. Why automotive companies still think like the PC business of the eighties (battery autonomy and speed are the new RAM and MHz).
  16. If you want to benchmark the survivability of a zebra in the savanna don’t ask another zebra or an elephant, ask a lion… same goes for startups.
  17. In 2011, IDC expected that Windows Mobile would dominate the market by 2015… Why this is important and look back at how we were seeing the markets a few years ago.
  18. Not everyone is a game-changer and it’s OK.
  19. Five steps not to suck at your first startup.
  20. What scale change when you innovate and why Apple is still incredibly innovative with the iPhone X (hint: this is not about tech or design).

I bet I can start 2018 by giving a shot at a few of them.

Any preferences?

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