The core insight

Globalization has ended, and the future is becoming more and more "glocal" with massive push-pull forces stemming from the U.S. vs. China's new cold war. Very few global businesses have actively embraced this reality that will start to deeply impact every market aspect starting... now.

The discussion

Since the fall of Berlin's wall, our world has become increasingly interconnected. The aim of any growing company was to be a global leader identified through a unique brand, product, and culture. Think Coca-Cola, Apple, or Rolex. But beneath this veneer of unity, a seismic shift is rumbling as the harsh reality of a post-COVID world facing both a cold war and a few new hot ones is settling in. And when I say it settles in, I'm being fairly optimistic. If most global companies have started to adjust the supply chain for more resiliency, very few have yet jumped to the new reality of a fragmented world and markets evolving independently and drifting away from one another.