The startup game and its metagame

Innovation is a game played at the startup, industry, and ecosystemic level. And the common resource of these games is vastly misunderstood. It’s risk.

This is the fifth startup post-mortem that I’m reading this morning.

While startups are not failing more, they’re just more vocal about it. This is a good thing. Hopefully, it will hep dismiss the illusion that a) anyone can launch a successful startup and b) the next stage of economic growth for Western countries will come from under-staffed, ill-prepared tech entrepreneurs.

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HR and Innovation from Expectra’s interview

At the end of last year, Expectra interviewed me to include my expert opinion about HR and innovation in their monthly debate. They asked the question “Innovation in the business: Do HR have to be involved?” And of course, I said “no”. Here’s the translation of the whole debate starting with Isaac Getz (professor at ESCP Europe) opinion that yes HR should be involved and finishing with mine:

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Should Mentors of Entrepeneurs be Trained or their Experience is Enough?

You can download our latest research paper on mentors training in entrepreneurship programs, published by Intech, in collaboration with Université du Québec à Trois‐Rivières, Trois‐Rivières (Québec), Canada.

How well do you get business?

A scale on how well you get business for my MBA students and executives at large.

Having a strong sense of order and hierarchy, most of my MBA students –both in France and China– love to have some ranking on “How well do you get business?” A Mohs scale of sorts if you will. My answer is usually as such:  Continue reading “How well do you get business?”

This is my innovation radar for 2017

This is a quick take at describing what’s on my innovation radar for 2017.

As someone with the finger on the pulse of many technology fields in many markets, I tend to have a lateral view on trendy topics. I’m also a contrarian, so take that into account. But if I’d have to share what I have on my innovation radar for 2017, this would be something like that:  Continue reading “This is my innovation radar for 2017”

An innovator’s perspective on the Trumpocalypse

In the wake of the recent US election, innovators from all horizons should make sure to take away a thing or two about innovation.

trumpzilla - innovation copilotsIt’s way too soon or too late to start to be wise about the Trumpocalypse. Even if 2005 European referendum in France and Brexit were not fucking weak signals, but very much loud and clear bullhorns thank you. Well, anyway, my line of work is not in politics or sociological comments, so I’ll leave it at that. No, the thing specifically, I relentlessly want to hammer down again is about innovation.

Innovation is about changing the socio-economic status quo.

Everything else is just trying to be too smart for the own good of the business we’re running as innovators. If you want a resounding demonstration that ‘smart’ doesn’t cut it, I believe you just got served.

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