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How China innovation culture deeply differs from ours

Sharing a great quote fished by Nicolas COLIN [https://europeanstraits.substack.com/p/the-rise-of-a-new-china?token=eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjoxMDEzNTgwLCJwb3N0X2lkIjozNzU1MzgsIl8iOiJVZExHYiIsImlhdCI6MTU4NjkzNzE4OCwiZXhwIjoxNTg2OTQwNzg4LCJpc3MiOiJwdWItMTc1MDMiLCJzdWIiOiJwb3N0LXJlYWN0aW9uIn0.o7LCeOxbH2IvtUDeTkX1NRAdGeOretFOmQOssSbYbgY] on how China innovation culture compares to America (and the West). When β€˜normal’ means the world is in flux, adapting to it is an on-going process of problem resolution. The
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