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Shot on an iPhone pro

A quick reminder that my thought-provoking question from 2017: When Star Wars will be shot on iPhone? is less and less provoking. This is now mainstream Apple marketing, where “shooting” means a movie and now just DSLR-quality pictures: We Are still a few years before iPhones become cheap mainstream movie producing tools for Hollywood, but […]

> Innovation Copilots

Hey, you’ve found us! Innovation is the change you bring to the market. Innovation is not measured by the number of patents or the volume of R&D expenses. It’s about how much you change the market. And in many ways, we believe that a restaurant chain can be more innovative than a pharmaceutical lab. Although […]

Corporate Culture

Emotionally healthy business cultures

Since my TEDx talk “emotions at work” 4-5 years ago, I have been writing a few articles about how emotions can have a very useful place in companies and add value to innovation strategies. What I haven’t written about yet is what I’ve been doing these past few years in organisations to enable emotionally healthy […]

Innovation Strategy

The 5 perimeters of autonomous vehicles

A glimpse in my current work on autonomous vehicles with a few (undisclosed) customers and how the innovation mindset in this market is rewritten as we speak.

Innovation Mindset

Interview – Innovative Management at Worldline

I’m glad to be sharing this article about Claire Déprez, Innovative Management Programme Leader at Worldline, the youngest of the transformation leaders I’ve interviewed. I’ve met Claire in 2014 when she was a mentee in the mentoring pilot programme I designed for them. The year after, she became member of the voluntary mentoring coordination team. […]