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Digital is Over for Europe, Now What?

This is a discussion replaying my last keynote about digital markets in Europe, why ‘digital is over’, and why Europe still has many options to leapfrog the US and (maybe) fend of China as much as possible.

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Digital Is Over Keynote

Tomorrow I’ll be giving a keynote on why digital is “over” and what does it mean both for incumbents and the next wave of businesses in Europe. It will be in Toulouse and in French. I’m still fluent for now, so that should be ok ; ) You can already find the slides here: But most […]

Added Value Focus

Retail needs a digital wake-up call, but not the one you’re thinking about

I was offering in a previous article that like electricity, digital is over. That extends to your point of sales: the store is not going to be more digital.

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Digital is over

Many companies are still investing a lot of time and money to play catch up and embark in the digital revolution. The only problem is that in 2018 digital is over. Digital is like electricity. It’s always on, pervasive, low cost and no one brags about being an electric business anymore.

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Business Models of Digital Markets / part 1

I’m giving a 2 days course on the business models of digital markets, for the Master students in Digital Marketing of the International University of Monaco. As a preview, this are the slides for tomorrow session: