The only article to read on blockchain…

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Blockchain is over-hyped and confusing. Can’t understand what « an append-only data structure that contains data records that are cryptographically linked together » means? This is normal. And by the time someone explains it to you you’ll feel like you already forgot what it was all about to start with.

Yet, it’s such a broad technology that the overly complex explanations and lack of real applications for now, shouldn’t deter you to wrap your head around it.

I’m not going to write an article about it. I don’t need to. Adrianne JEFFREYS just did. And it’s perfect.

Read it here.

Fixing your innovation pipeline with a reverse pipeline

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Last year, I briefly teased one of the most strategic tools we’ve been using for years rebuilding innovation capabilities with industries. The innovation reverse pipeline. This way of working solves the usual conundrum of a typical innovation pipeline where you start with a hundred smart ideas, select the best ones, refine a few, invest in one or two, bake for a two to three years, launch… and fail.

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The 20 articles on innovation I wish I had written in 2017

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Last year was a long year with many new projects to start, new customers to engage and work trips to China, Japan, the US and six different EU countries. You might think that such period are the worst to be writing on innovation and you be both wrong and totally right. Such level of activity actually puts your brain in hyper vigilance mode. You see ideas and potential articles in everything… But then you’re exhausted and can’t write enough to catch up with all the potential ideas.

Nonetheless if I try to clear up my 2017 notes, I would retain twenty articles I really wish I had written:  Continue reading “The 20 articles on innovation I wish I had written in 2017”

The Video on my Trading Risks Keynote is out

A few months ago I was invited by Merck Innovation center in Darmstadt for a one hour keynote on risk, startup and multinationals. As always a trendy topic, but it happens to be ones that I know a few things about.

Skip to 0:10:55 if you really don’t want to know anything about all the smart work that Merck Innovation Center is doing, but you’d be missing out.

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What’s A Computer

Apple asks shows “What’s a Computer.” Powerful reminder and smart marketing on how this object has evolved from what most of us still think it is… And astute paradox on the ‘pro’ suffix.