As I do from time to time, I like to share my thought process about foreseeing key turnarounds in tech and global markets as they shape the way innovators create new businesses and rewrite the status quo.

Here's the regional article:

My 12 predictions for 2023
Let’s get in end-of-the-year mode with my batch of predictions for 2023. I tried to write them down as fast as possible, without thinking about them much, to see what was spinning in my brain’s background. So here goes: 1. Infrastructure eats the world. This is a teaser of sorts,

Here's my 2024 comments in retrospect:

1️⃣ Infrastructure eats the world. 

From making microchips to energy, this was 100% on point. This is a massive frontal trend that will be sustained for the next five to ten years. Sam Altman tries to raise trillions (not a typo; this is with a 't') not for software but for AI hardware and infrastructure.

If you want to determine if a future innovation project or investment is important, ask yourself this simple question: Is it building or contributing in a significant way to an underlying infrastructure? As seasoned innovators or investors, our mindset will trick us into looking for software solutions and platforms, but infrastructure is eating software (which ate the world).