Intrapreneurship or Extrapreneurship?

I was invited for a morning presentation for Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs workgroup, on May 4, 2012.

The core of this keynote is that whether it’s incremental or radical, at its core innovation is about changing the market. To do so, most multinationals start to learn that they have to adapt from within, and at some point escape from the slow-moving innovation pipeline paradigm.

From open innovation to intrapreneurship, many innovation trends have been surfacing to answer this issue. But successful or not, these new paradigms are in many cases a gamble that doesn’t fit in a comprehensive strategic vision. Based on our experience with several blue chip companies and our own research, this short keynote will try to give a clear perspective and ground rules to select and implement new forms of innovation

Author: Philippe

Philippe has been training 200-300 startups a year since 2007, consulted for dozens of multinationals on rupture innovation or corporate incubation, and was directly involved in more than 150 startups building their market fit and scaling up their business. He also teaches business model innovation in key MBA programs whether they are in Paris or Shanghai. And since 2017, Philippe is now living in Amsterdam, one of the best European business hub around.