Quelques dates pour préparer l’été…

L’été arrive avec dans son sillage bon nombre de possibilités de nous croiser. Voici quelques évènements que nous avons pour l’instant sur nos agenda  :

Et rédigeant cet article, je me rends compte que nous rattrapons pas mal notre retard en matière de networking et de conférences. Un vrai plaisir après ces deux derniers mois, très intensifs en missions clients. Du coup j’en profite pour partager un petit satisfecit après ma dernière conférence chez Gemalto, et les commentaires des organisateurs :

BIG team organized a conference on “Innovation in business models”. Philippe Méda from Merkapt presented, through the everlasting debate invention vs innovation, his vision of what should be the innovation culture whatever the size of the company (startups or international groups). He oriented his speech that way, with a slight focus on what he called “ the death stars”.

Over 70 participants regarded the presentation as excellent, commenting that “ this is the best presentation ever (from an external) we have seen in La Ciotat”, “this is great, I have learnt a lot, thumbs-up, innovation café should continue that way”, “Thanks for the invitation, such initiatives/subjects are opening our minds

Marc Géméto, the BIG team director, commented: “It was great to see so many R&D people attending and showing interest in business models and not only technology.”

A très bientôt !

Author: Philippe

Philippe has been training 200-300 startups a year since 2007, consulted for dozens of multinationals on rupture innovation or corporate incubation, and was directly involved in more than 150 startups building their market fit and scaling up their business. He also teaches business model innovation in key MBA programs whether they are in Paris or Shanghai. And since 2017, Philippe is now living in Amsterdam, one of the best European business hub around.