Beam me up!

J’écris souvent sur l’innovation et les ressorts de sa mise en oeuvre, assez rarement sur ses conséquences sur la société. En ce début d’année, et pour être léger, celle-ci me semble fantastique pour une demi-douzaine de raisons :

Et oui, c’est bien le capitaine Kirk discutant en temps réel avec l’ISS sur Twitter !

Author: Philippe

After obtaining a PhD in biotechnologies, and working in a medical diagnostic startup, Philippe Méda has managed teams and companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries for over fifteen years. Following an MBA in 2007 Philippe founded Merkapt, a consulting agency in charge of co-piloting innovation for startups and large multinationals, in Europe, and Asia. Since then he has been training 200 to 300 startups a year, consulted for dozens of multinationals on rupture innovation or corporate incubation, and was directly involved in more than 150 startups building their market fit and scaling up their business. Philippe also teaches innovation and business model design in key MBA programs in Paris and Shanghai and is now living in Amsterdam.