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So here's the thing, we've been looking back at our +1,000 articles catalog for a while and decided we should find a way to make them accessible in audio format.

It's been a long-time request from many of you, and we've been trying many tools these for months, but most are just terrible. Having a Roomba voice talking to you? Not great! But I think we just found something that works (👋 Speechify), far enough from the uncanny valley to use it.

Is it a "podcast," though? Technically, yes, but in practice, this is just a voice-over of a curated list of articles. So, set your expectations accordingly. But still, we hope it's going to be an enjoyable format.

Each audio article will be from a few months (or a few years) and chosen because it resonates with current business news or market change. And we decided on a weekly audio article every Tuesday morning (CEST) to alternate nicely with our Thursday newsletter (which deals with much longer and deeper analysis).

We hope you'll enjoy this, and make sure to share this with your colleagues and like-minded innovators 🥰 .