Mentoring for innovation culture

Avoiding being « uberised », innovating like startups in large rigid structures, helping employees regain creativity, exploring new business models… are the issues we see our clients confronted by everyday.

To foster innovation in large corporations, several keys and « difficult to get » ingredients need to be gathered: creativity, market awareness and risk mindset whilst being reassuring to existing customers with a solid efficient structure.

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Should your startup apply to a corporate incubation program?

Business medias are crazy about industrials working with startups, but we seldom discuss how should startup apply to corporate incubation programs. Shall we try to do that?

Startups have become a cheap excuse for corporations in lack of innovation strategy. It’s not even breaking news; if you’ve been in the business of guiding companies through the innovation minefield for a while, you’ve already endured several trends coming and going every three or four years. Open innovation, intrapreneurship, design thinking, now startup incubation programs.

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Intrapreneurship or Extrapreneurship?

I was invited for a morning presentation for Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs workgroup, on May 4, 2012.

The core of this keynote is that whether it’s incremental or radical, at its core innovation is about changing the market. To do so, most multinationals start to learn that they have to adapt from within, and at some point escape from the slow-moving innovation pipeline paradigm. Continue reading “Intrapreneurship or Extrapreneurship?”

Intrapreneuriat : les 13 règles du corsaire

Je parlais fin décembre de l’importance pour les grands groupes de parvenir à se remettre en contact avec le marché et plus simplement, avec la réalité. Pour cela, une stratégie d’innovation par un programme d’intrapreneuriat se révèle parfaitement adaptée. Encore faut-il que celle-ci repose sur des règles du jeu claires. Continue reading “Intrapreneuriat : les 13 règles du corsaire”