HR and Innovation from Expectra’s interview

At the end of last year, Expectra interviewed me to include my expert opinion about HR and innovation in their monthly debate. They asked the question “Innovation in the business: Do HR have to be involved?” And of course, I said “no”. Here’s the translation of the whole debate starting with Isaac Getz (professor at ESCP Europe) opinion that yes HR should be involved and finishing with mine:

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International women’s day: what’s the point?

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. You could believe it’s one of the right thing to do, but how wrong is it really?

On this international Women’s Day, the debates, the initiatives and questions are rekindled about the place of women in the world and in organisations. I’m surprised, angry and sad that organisations are still trying to answer the wrong question: how do we get more women in top positions? Because answering this questions only leads to half-baked initiatives to help women be more aggressive and combative in a man’s world of business. The real question we should ask is: why do we want more women at the top? Continue reading “International women’s day: what’s the point?”