Philippe MÉDA, Innovation Strategist

Born and raised in the pharmaceutical playfield, I’m a senior consultant on innovation strategy with a solid grasp of tech and science, and I’m specialized in shifting and fast-evolving markets. I train 200 to 300 startups a year in various European and Asian ecosystems, consult for a dozen multinational on rupture innovation and corporate incubation. I’m also a veteran keynote speaker with solid and hands-on perspective on innovation in multiple markets from energy to luxury and banking. I’ve also been a guest lecturer / adjunct professor on how to disrupt markets in key MBA programs in Paris and Shanghai and some leading design schools such as the ENSCI.

Wisdom begins in wonder


If you want to know me better, I fit the Logician « INTP » personality profile.

(…) no one is more enthusiastic and capable of spotting a problem, drilling through the endless factors and details that encompass the issue and developing a unique and viable solution than INTPs – just don’t expect punctual progress reports. People who share the INTP personality type aren’t interested in practical, day-to-day activities and maintenance, but when they find an environment where their creative genius and potential can be expressed, there is no limit to the time and energy INTPs will expend in developing an insightful and unbiased solution.

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