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After more than a decade of consulting for startup ecosystems and corporate innovation programs, we decided to regroup our best practices in training programs designed to deliver actionable know-how and step-by-step guides to get your innovation project to the market. Fast.

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Training modules

Our training portfolio is designed from the ground up to deliver an impactful online experience. Whether you are an innovation ecosystem, a multinational, or an investment program, you'll find a solid training platform to get your teams to the next level.

Startup Piloting
A 3-week online training boot camp for B2B startups getting in an incubation program.
Corporate Incubation That Delivers
How to run an intrapreneurship program and deliver corporate incubation that impacts the core business.
Innovation Leadership for C-Level Executives
A pragmatic course on corporate leadership for disruptive innovation -- not incremental projects -- with effective strategic frameworks and leadership mindset.

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