Car manufacturers are the new Nokia

The autonomous industry is ripe for disruption, but it seems that no one of the executive committees got the memo…

For anyone seriously involved in innovation, it’s stunning to realize that the industry learned nothing from early 2000’s Nokia. Regarding the car industry, people still think of it as a hardware business. It’s all about the car, the engine, the brakes, the dashboard, the performance, the security, the comfort. We barely register that vehicles are now being hacked into, that accidents happen because of dozens of millions of lines of code that make a modern suburban vehicle today, or that mapping, geolocalization, and communications are now indispensable. Continue reading “Car manufacturers are the new Nokia”

It’s not Uber, it’s you!

There is this fear syndrome that has been running for a few months amongst the leaders of every single market in the western world: are we going to get uberized? As they are asking themselves this question, you’ll probably detect a hint of a smile in their eyes…

Not many corporations believe that someone will just “walk in”, and steal their market away from them overnight. Playing at getting scared hits a weird, but clear, pleasure zone in our brain. Once the horror movie is finished playing, we consider our boring everyday life with a kind of new appreciation. Except that, many of these corporations don’t get what kind of trouble they are facing. And I can mostly agree that no, there’s no Uber-like bogeyman in the cards for them. If they fail, it won’t be under the attacks of a small, psychotic killer rabbit. They’ll die because they suck.

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Risk, the most valuable currency between startups and the industry

Tomorrow, I’ll be presenting a keynote titled “Trading Risk, the Most Valuable Currency Between Startups and the Industry” for the CEA at the LETI Days event. The main points of this discussion will be on the positive nature of risk for businesses, the cultural gap that French (and Europeans) have regarding dealing with risks, and on how to strategically game the innovation rules. Continue reading “Risk, the most valuable currency between startups and the industry”

Dix raisons pour lesquelles votre incubateur interne va échouer en moins de deux ans


Je travaille depuis plusieurs années avec des grands groupes souhaitant monter, ou ayant déjà monté, une structure d’incubation de projets innovants internes. Certains, séduits par les médias et l’actualité technologique de ces dernières années se risquent même à parler d’accélération. Dans tous les cas je suis confronté à un problème central : cela semble une bonne idée pour la direction des grands groupes concernés, mais presque aucun ne sait réellement ce qu’ils font avec ces dispositifs, et les échecs sont fréquents et très cuisants. Si vous êtes un directeur de l’innovation ou de la stratégie, essayons de voir au travers du phénomène de mode et laissez-moi vous présenter les dix raisons pour lesquelles votre incubateur interne va échouer en moins de deux ans. Ne vous y trompez pas je ne le fais pas entièrement par bonté d’âme, j’en ai juste assez d’avoir les mêmes discussions sur chaque projet. : )

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Death Awaits You ALL, my LIFT14 Keynote

I had the great opportunity to be invited to LIFT14 first session on February 5. The session is boldly entitled Managing Innovation Cycles – Let Live And Let Die and will involve pretty cool people (at least the first three ones). Continue reading “Death Awaits You ALL, my LIFT14 Keynote”

Herding killer rabbits keynote at the intrapreneurship conference in Barcelona

Stéphanie and I, have the great pleasure to be keynotes speakers at this year Intrapreneurship Conference in Barcelona. Thanks to Jean-Yves, I had the opportunity to attend this rather exclusive event since its inception 3 years ago. This year with only 45 attendees and keynote speakers from Vodafone, Accenture, IBM, Allianz, Philips, Alcatel-Lucent, UNICEF, and more… it’s really a “be there or be square” kind of event.

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Intrapreneurship Conference in Barcelona

I’ve already indicated that I will be a speaker at the BLEND Conference in Lyon, october 1 and 2. Let me also signal the INTRAPRENEURSHIP Conference in Barcelona, december 12 and 13, organized by Barcelona Activa and Global Entreprise. During this event Stéphanie and myself will both present a keynote and a workshop. Continue reading “Intrapreneurship Conference in Barcelona”