Science against the mentor myth

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Forget all your romantic ideas about what a good entrepreneurial mentor is: experienced in entrepreneurship, he/she has started several companies in his/her lifetime, has failed a couple of times and learned from it and succeeded enough time to still be active now. He has mentored several startupers so he/she knows how to transfer all that experience and entrepreneurial wisdom to the neo entrepreneur that you are. Having such a mentor will mean you will increase a hundred fold your chances of success. This is the mentor myth we share in our collective unconscious… And science says different. Continue reading “Science against the mentor myth”

The keys to avoid mentoring matches hell

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So you’ve started a mentoring programme, and managed to create some mentor-mentee pairs… After a few months you notice that some pairs are ok, some others or even many others are not seeing each other regularly, or even haven’t gone passed the first meeting. It may be a sign that the match is not a good fit, but it may not only be due to conflicting personalities, your matching process may be the problem.

Continue reading “The keys to avoid mentoring matches hell”

How bad is the good idea of juniors mentoring seniors

For some years now, the practice of “reverse mentoring” – digital natives / juniors mentoring seniors – has been deployed in some large corporations with the aim to get senior employees and managers up to speed with the digital age. The term reverse mentoring has been created to distinguish itself from the traditional view of mentoring: more senior employees, hence more experienced in corporate culture, guiding the younger generation. Continue reading “How bad is the good idea of juniors mentoring seniors”

Download our white paper on strategic mentoring

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Section 1 is an introduction to mentoring and focuses on the connection between mentoring and strategy, which has been underestimated by organisations and their leaders for a while. Switching perspective is key: from a “nice to have HR tool” to a “key strategic behaviour” to spread throughout the organisation.

Section 2 gives you three paragmatic examples where mentoring can support a focused business strategy: Continue reading “Download our white paper on strategic mentoring”

Nos dernières publications sur le mentorat

Nous sommes probablement une des rares agences de conseil à produire de la recherche académique. Bien que nous en parlions peu ici, depuis la fin de mes travaux de doctorat sur le mentorat d’entrepreneurs, plusieurs de mes articles ont été publiés dans des revues scientifiques. Voici les résumés de nos dernières publications sur le mentorat. Si elles vous intéressent n’hésitez pas à me contacter pour en recevoir une copie par mail. Continue reading “Nos dernières publications sur le mentorat”

Mise en place d’un programme de mentorat entrepreneurial pour une CCI

Le 21 juin je suis intervenue pour le réseau des CCI de France sur la mise en place d’un programme de mentorat entrepreneurial. Après une présentation générale sur le sujet (qu’est-ce que le mentorat ? A quoi ça sert ? Quels sont les ingrédients de la réussite?), je leur ai donné les clés de la mise en place d’un programme formel : de l’attraction, sélection et formation des mentors et mentorés, à l’évaluation des résultats en passant par la mise en relation des binômes et le suivi des relations. Continue reading “Mise en place d’un programme de mentorat entrepreneurial pour une CCI”