Innovation Copilots works at the crossroad of emerging consumer behaviors and the rapid introduction of game-changing technologies. Since 2007, in Europe and China, we’ve been working both with industrials that too often can only play defense and startups that can only play offense. This gives us a unique view of how markets are reconfigured in real-time from both sides.

We deliver time-to-market, not Powerpoint slides.

Innovation is the change you bring to the market.

Innovation is not measured by the number of patents or the volume of R&D expenses. It’s about how much you change the market. And in many ways, we believe that a restaurant chain can be more innovative than a pharmaceutical lab.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast? You bet!

Always start with your business culture.

Your culture has its own limits and its own strengths. Sometimes these strengths have to be reminded to you (sometimes they have to be rebuilt). But most of the time, we’re confident your culture is not the same as at Apple in 2007 or Toyota in the 1970s…Thinking you could apply the same innovation “book of the month” recipe is a rookie mistake that we have stopped doing around 2007.

Innovation buzzwords on the surface? Critical thinking under the hood!

Intrapreneurs and Corporate Incubation?

Most of these cookie-cutter programs have devolved into PR campaigns. But if you can let go of the hype, and fine-tune your approach around strategic goals, they still can be very effective!

Digital Transformation?

Digital is over. If you’re still speaking about digital transformation, stop trying to apply the best practices from 2007. Leapfrog where technology will be!

Business Model Innovation?

Most successful innovations are not about patents but about reshaping the rules of customer engagement. Entire industries are still missing out on this simple reality.

Women Leadership and Mentoring?

Mentoring women and facilitating their access to top-level positions are not about gender-washing. It’s a strategic move to open up your business perspectives and boost your business culture!

Innovation Culture and Mindset?

Innovation is touted by most organizations, but very few have the proper mindset to help their team productivity explore risk and uncertainty.

Executive Trainings & Keynotes?

We design and deliver many executive trainings and keynotes every year. Never on-the-shelf; always tailor-made and fresh!

+10 Years of track record with industry leaders

We speak fluently many markets and industries.

Since 2007 at Innovation Copilots, we have delivered market and culture changes in sectors ranging in markets ranging from SaaS to retail banking, luxury, biotech, or automotive.

Slow and fast thinking? Right and left brain? You get the picture.

Stéphanie MITRANO, PhD

The culture specialist of the team. Insightful and open-minded, Stéphanie accompanies organizations in their cultural transformation to support innovation and business agility. She is one of the few European experts both implementing and doing research on mentoring programs.

Philippe MÉDA, PhD

The innovation strategist of the team. Philippe has worked with hundreds of startups since 2007, consulted for dozens of multinationals on rupture innovation and corporate incubation. He also teaches innovation in key MBA programs in Paris and Shanghai.