Keynote (Pas de risques, pas de startup !)

pas de risque pas de startup - keynote - innovation copilots

I haven’t done a public keynote in a while, so just a quick heads up: I will be in Toulouse (France) and have a one hour talk on startup valuation, managing risk and uncertainties, and what it means for investors (including corporations and their innovation programs).

It’s in partnership with Nubbo the local incubator and a dear partner of us since 2013. The keynote will be on April 8 and starting at 6:30pm. It’s a free event (you’re welcome).

You just have to register here.

Click below for the full presentation (in French):

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Meet me at the IRU World Congress 2018

iru world congress 2018

I will be one of the round table speakers at the IRU Wolrd Congress in Muscat, Oman, this November.

New technology and business models: prosper or perish?

The combination of automation, the “sharing economy” and decarbonisation objectives leads, among others, to the emergence of digital platforms and new business models and the disruption of the traditional the bus and coach transport industry. The industry needs to step up and integrate these solutions to reap the benefits of these technological and societal developments. This panel will explore if and how digital platforms and new business models change the rules of the game.

We will discuss key shifts in world transport, mobility and logistics markets with a very exciting and comprehensive programme. I’ll be flying in and out pretty much, but in case you are there and want to meet I’ll be more than happy to find the time.

The Video on my Trading Risks Keynote is out

A few months ago I was invited by Merck Innovation center in Darmstadt for a one hour keynote on risk, startup and multinationals. As always a trendy topic, but it happens to be ones that I know a few things about.

Skip to 0:10:55 if you really don’t want to know anything about all the smart work that Merck Innovation Center is doing, but you’d be missing out.

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Well, it’s been 10 years

consulting - innovation copilots

It’s been ten 10 years that I quit my last position as an employee from another company than my own. I started for a first year and half as a freelance consultant on strategy and then we founded Merkapt, our first consulting company with Stéphanie. 2007 Was the year the first iPhone went to market and that Amazon Web Service started to ramp up. Quite a year if you ask me…

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A quick feedback from Autonomy 2017 in Paris

Autonomy 2017

Most of the things we are seeing or talking about during keynotes are quite nice and somehow crafty. How to unlock car sharing or green mobility in this town, or that other one? Are we are going to manage mobility data? After all the buzz with MaaS, how are we going to do it? Will Hyperloop bring peace and end hunger worldwide? Etc. All that is cute, and sometimes even a bit exhilarating.

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Let’s grab a sake in Tokyo

black - innovation copilots

I’ll be in Tokyo from May 22 to 26. As usual, I’ll be working with customers, but if you’re around this is also a good time to grab a coffee or a bite and exchange on business, innovation or other things. Just connect with me on Twitter or through the ‘Contact us’ menu above. I might also have spare time for a keynote or an event in case you’d be interested.