Are European startups solving real problems?

Cover is a startup I’ve been following for quite a while. It’s based in Los Angeles and its job is straightforward:

We design, permit, manufacture, and install beautiful backyard homes in Los Angeles. Completely custom to your property, no subcontractors to deal with, and with a fixed price contract.
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What is the shelf life of Zuckerberg point of view on entrepreneurship?

Am I the only one that wonder why we still ask rock-star CEOs what was their recipe for success? I understand the father figure thing. But the 2019 market, its digital environment and socio-economics have nothing much to do with what they had to face in 2004. What can a Mark Zuckerberg or a Jeff Bezos tell us about launching a startup in 2019? At what point do we file their inspirational quotes with the ones of Tesla, Bell or Ford?

But even so, in these ‘inspiring’ talks we never take into account the survivor bias: the CEOs we look up to are the ones that survived. Were they extremely shrewd and visionary or just plain lucky? Or more exactly, what was the proportion of shrewdness vs. luck? And what is really transferable to you and your project? Shall we also work on the cultural bias? What white american males have to share with  woman in China or India? (Even when taking into account that many of these US guys were immigrants.)

I’m just saying… Finding inspiring people is probably a game you want to play looking forward, not in the rear view mirror.

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Stop pitching long tail business models

The long tail concept as it was introduced by Jeff BEZOS a few years ago with Amazon (and further explained by Chris ANDERSON), has destroyed what was the common sense approach of running a commerce. Before Amazon was a success, the common sense dictated that the Pareto rule was enforced: 20% of the products will command 80% of the sales. In some markets, like movies, music, video-games… it was even more extreme with only a few block-busters returning money each year.

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Participations aux prochains startup weekends

Un billet très court pour signaler que je serai présent au Startup Weekend de Marseille (du 30 novembre au 2 décembre) en tant que jury et à celui de Grenoble (du 16 au 18 novembre) en tant que “coach”. Si vous y passez et que vous souhaitez prendre 5 min pour un café, n’hésitez pas à me prévenir.

J’éditerai cet article dans quelques semaines pour vous faire un petit compte-rendu sur les projets que je vais croiser…

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How to deal with customers problem and solution explanation with the business model canvas

September is a special time for me. Essentially, on top of my usual work with startups and large corporations, I’m teaching innovation and business strategy for different Master classes. To say that I’m a bit busy is a gentle understatement, but what can I say, I love that. These last weeks I have parked a few ideas for new posts on the blog. But before I can find some time to explore them further and share them with you, let me just share something that I posted on Quora a few weeks ago, where a question was asked on the business model canvas.